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Canvas Print

The words canvas and / or canvas are identified with the art of painting, and in the last century, printing techniques have been used in a wider area of ​​use.

This new segment is distinguished from the traditional paper and started to be called with a special name.

Canvas Painting

In fact, this word sequence, the product is not prepared by the hand of a painter, but the painter used on the canvas is a reproductive product is intended to express that the product is a reproduction.

Print on Canvas print

Canvas print, as we mentioned above, is a reproduction technique applied on diapers and derived surfaces in digital printing machines. Each machine has its own ink and the cloth surfaces to be used are plastered with a chemical that can fix this ink. There are many types of digital printing machines and cloth materials in the market. We will go further into the examination of these varieties later, but it must be known that one of the important reasons for the price differences in the canvas print market is the material differences used.

All about  canvas here , Images prepared for printing can be printed by programs suitable for digital printing machines. After printing, the drying time is expected according to the type of materials used. Then, surface protection is applied such that it can provide daylight and time resistance (varnish etc.). The surface protection application will vary according to the type of printing machine and cloth used. It is known that some types of machine and ink do not even need to apply surface protection.

Then, the finished work is made ready to use in rolls or stretched to the frame on request.

The canvasprint used in the classical picture is generally of linen origin and has a high durability. Long-term natural ingredients were used to make the surfaces suitable for painting. In the products described as Canvas Prints, depending on the type of printing material,  canvas made with synthetic materials are generally used.

As there is a serious quality difference between them, depending on the type of printing, a special chemical solution is applied to the canvas  surfaces. This, the permanence and fixation of the material pressed on the surface is ensured.

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